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Safe Wealth Plan’s® goal is twofold, first we strive to educate the public on our retirement income planning method which is designed to protect retirement assets, ensure retirees don’t outlive their retirement savings and to provide educational knowledge on the products used to construct a Safe Wealth Plan®.  

Secondly, we work with licensed agents and investment advisors to educate them on the Safe Wealth Plan methodology.  The Safe Wealth Plan® network of licensed agents and investment advisors is a national organization of independent professionals who have completed the Safe Wealth Plan training and certification program. Safe Wealth Plan certified professionals are committed to educating the public about Safe Wealth Planning® to help keep their retirement wealth safe and ensure they don’t outlive their retirement savings.  We can connect you with a certified Safe Wealth Plan agent or investment advisor to discuss how you might put a Safe Wealth Plan in place today. 

If you’re a licensed agent or investment advisor interested in getting Safe Wealth Plan certified, click here.   

Safe Wealth Plan is owned and operated by AMARK, LLC an affiliate of Alto Financial Group, a full-service retirement planning company with agents and investment advisors nationwide. Alto Financial Group’s highly trained agents and advisors specialize in helping their clients understand how a holistic retirement plan can be assembled to address income gaps for their retirement and ensure their family is protected in the event of a tragedy.   

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